Cuélebre emerges as a Yhandros Huergo’s idea in 2011. He started to experiment with different concepts looking for an archaic and dark sound inside of Pagan Folk scene, a scene poorly developed in Spain back in that time. His research was under the influence of bands such as Hagalaz Runedance, Wardruna, Corvus Corax or Faun but always trying to get an unique identity.

The sound is as important as the meaning of the lyrics, which are based in old texts and inscriptions. Cuélebre seeks inspiration in the roots of the Iberian Peninsula and its mythology, showing votive lyrics based on deities of a pre-Roman origin. With a Celtiberian background universe, the music comes through a compendium of medieval instruments and atmospheric sounds.

This votive background takes shape through the fusion of ancient instruments and new technology, using instruments such as hurdy gurdy, Irish bouzouki, didgeridoo and a variety of flutes accompained by powerfull drums and its characteristic electronic bases. The main voice and the chorus entwine carefully with the melodies unifying all the atmosphere and transforming every song into an unique ritual itself.


Cuélebre released their first album ‘Oinos’ in 2014 and their second album, called ‘Anaman’ -which means ‘Soul’ in a celtic dialect- was oficially released on August 2017 during one of the biggest fantasy-pagan festivals of Europe “Castlefest” (NL).

They played in every place they could in Spain until they had their first chance out of the country in 2015. Trolls et Lègends (Belgium) was the beginning of the many music festivals they have been playing since then.

Between 2015 and 2017 they played in Festival-Mediaval (Germany), Castlefest Winter and Summer edition (The Netherlands), Faun Spanish Tour (Spain), Yggdrasil festival (Italy), Wave Gothik Festival (Germany), Celtic Nights Geluwe (Belgium) and thanks to the itinerant festival MPS, they have been playing in several places around Germany, and they will continue playing there during 2018.